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By Arthur Charles Fox-Davies, Carol Belanger Grafton

Heraldry had its starting place within the ornamental shields utilized in Western Europe within the 12th century. this day the numerous and colourful designs that experience built over the centuries hold a wealthy air of mystery of medieval romance that may increase any variety of creative and layout projects.
For this quantity, Carol Belanger Grafton has chosen 1,047 genuine heraldic designs and motifs from The paintings of Heraldry, a vintage learn by way of Arthur Charles Fox-Davies (1871–1928), an English barrister and most suitable authority at the topic. relationship from the fourteenth to the 20th centuries, the illustrations comprise 393 full-color and 654 black-and-white designs: palms of people, between them such notables as Edward the Black Prince, John Milton, and Maximilian I; hands of associations, firms, guilds, cities, and towns; heraldic home windows; examples of heraldic lions, eagles, and dragons; banners and crests; and more.
These designs signify an excellent resource of actual royalty-free photographs that may supply aristocratic aptitude to ebook and journal illustrations, ads, newsletters, and different image tasks. This quantity is additionally a important visible reference for these drawn to genealogy.

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The Institute of Chartered Accountants. five. Sir John Watney 6. A mercers’ corporation 7. Andrew A Hunter eight. Howell P Edwards nine. Sir Woodbine Parish. ninety five 1. Benjamin Picketing 2. William H. Cleland. three. John G Templer four. Gustavus R. Hyde. five. Howel J. expense. 6. Brown 7. Thornton. eight. Henry T McDermott nine. Nicholas H. James. ninety six 1. Charles W Perryman 2. Albert C. Cantrell-Hubbersty ninety seven Aeneas Chisholm, Bishop of Aberdeen 2. Cumming-Gordon ninety eight 1. King Edward IV of britain (badges) 2. Chisholm Gordon-Chisholm three. John A. Maconochie-Wellwood. four. Badges from the sixteenth-century Prince Arthur’s publication. ninety nine Swinton of that Ilk. a hundred Arms of kingdoms, empires and republics, and so on. one hundred and one 1. John Beaufort, Earl of Somerset 2. The Tallow Chandlers’ corporation London three. Sir John Say four. John Wylkynton five. Rowland Phillipson 6. George Avelin 7. Thomas Fleetwood eight. William Fleetwood nine. Richard Brownlow 102 Arms of individuals of the Geschlechtergesellschaft “zur Katze” [Genealogical Society “at the signal of the Cat”] (1547). 103 1. Roger de Quincy, Earl of Winchester. 2. Seiher de Quincy, Earl of Winchester three. George C. Cheape four. Sir John J. Grinlinton. five. Philip Saltmarshe. 6. James Maxtone-Graham. 7. Henry C Lloyd. eight. Frederick B. Fellows. 104 1. Duke Johann I of Cleves. 2. Holzhausen. three. John Hamilton. four. The Bishop of Argyll. a hundred and five 1. Richard Nevill, Earl of Salisbury 2. Henry J. Coulson three. William de Bohun, Earl of Northampton four. Hamon Le unusual five. Henry H. Cunninghame 6. Stuart M. Samuel 7. William L. Christie. eight. G. W Marshall. nine. William D Davies. 106 1. Conjoined palms 2. The Duke of Bavaria three. Conrad Grünenberg four. The Tilers, excursions five. The Joiners, Péronne 6. The Borough of Marylebone. 7. count number von Canisse 107 1. William Le Scrope, Earl of Wiltes. 2. Sir James Blyth three. Loschau four. Radford five. count number von der Mark 6. Robert N Byass. 7. Schöllingen eight. Louis de Bruges, Earl of Winchester nine. James Dunsmure 108 1. George H Sprules (bookplate) 2. Sir Arthur Macpherson. three. Mitchell-Carruthers. four. Ger-oldseck. five. William D. Fletcher 6. Wolfurt. 7. Charles H. Alston. 109 1. Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor 2. The Barons von Pögel. three. Thomas Hussey four. The Prince of Anhalt a hundred and ten 1. William B. Cloete 2. William H. Weldon three. William J. Mylne four. John A Graham-Wigan five. Edmund A Maynard 6. Charles H Athill 7. Alfred Cock eight. Arthur O Sillifant. 111 1. Walter H Wilson 2. John W Douglass. three. William Legg four. A seventeenth-century MS roll. five. Löffelholz-Stromer 6. Michael Behaim. 112 1. Stephen M. Lanigan-O’Keefe 2. Joseph R. Heaven. three. Michael J. Hughes. four. The Borough of Islington. 113 1. Arthur C. Benson. 2. town of Tangermünde three. Cuthbert B Vickers four. Fox five. Everard W Barton 6. D’Arcy 7. John de l. a. Pole, Earl of Lincoln. eight. Princess Louise of Wales, Duchess of Fife nine. An abbess. 114 1. Benjamin E. Somers 2. Sir Lepel Griffin three. Sir Richard Strachey four. town of Speyer one hundred fifteen 1. Thomas Stanley, Earl of Derby 2. Sir Henry Blake. three. Thomas, Lord Berkeley of Berkeley four. Louis M. Lanyon. five. George E. Kirk. 6. Robert Barnes. 7. James M. Mutter eight. Edward M. Chadwick. 116 1. Charles T Brisbane. 2. Charles D. Lucas. three. town of Dublin. four. Robert T Caldwell.

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