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By Wendy Williams

Kraken is the conventional identify for big sea monsters, and this publication introduces probably the most charismatic, enigmatic, and curious population of the ocean: the squid. The pages take the reader on a wild narrative journey in the course of the international of squid technological know-how and experience, alongside the best way addressing a few riddles approximately what intelligence is, and what monsters lie within the deep. as well as squid, either titanic and in a different way, Kraken examines different both mesmerizing cephalopods, together with the octopus and the cuttlefish, and explores their otherworldly skills, akin to camouflage and bioluminescence. obtainable and wonderful, Kraken is additionally the 1st tremendous quantity at the topic in additional than a decade and a needs to for fanatics of renowned science.

Praise for KRAKEN: The Curious, fascinating, and just a little stressful technology of Squid 

"Williams writes with a deft, supple hand as she surveys those spindly, striking beasts and their global. She reminds us that the identified global will be significantly higher than within the days of the bestiary-makers, yet there's nonetheless room for ask yourself and strangeness."
-Los Angeles

"Williams's account of squid, octopuses, and different cephalopods abounds with either old legend and glossy science." 

"[Exposes squid's] eerie similarities to the human species, all the way down to eye constitution and the all-important mind telephone, the neuron." 
-New York Post 

"just the correct mix of heritage and science" 
-ForeWord Reviews

"Kraken is an interesting and expansive biography of a creature that sparks our mind's eye and stimulates our interest. it is a excellent combination of storytelling and science." 
-Vincent Pieribone, writer of Aglow within the Dark

KRAKEN extracts natural pleasure, highbrow pleasure, and deep ask yourself from the main not going of places--squid. it's difficult to learn Wendy Williams's luminous account and never believe the fun of discovery of the definitely profound connections we percentage with squid and all different dwelling issues in the world. With wit, ardour, and talent as a storyteller, Williams has given us a stunning window into our international and ourselves. --Neil Shubin, writer of the nationwide bestseller "Your internal Fish

Wendy William's KRAKEN weaves vignettes of reports approximately old encounters with squid and octopus, with tales of cutting-edge scientists who're captivated by means of those animals. Her compelling publication has the ability to alter your world-view approximately those creatures of the ocean, whereas telling the gripping, thoroughly understandable tale of the ways that those animals have replaced human clinical heritage. --Mark J. Spalding, President, the sea Foundation

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As I walked during the widening puddle over to the pair to introduce myself, Truman and Wilson have been quietly engaged in an intimate dance, one of those pas de dix—a dance of ten fingers. Wilson’s hands gracefully clasped, in addition to they can, whichever of Truman’s fluid, boneless 8 hands “decided” to wind round Wilson’s. Is “decided” the right kind notice right here? Who understands? Scientists be aware of so little approximately those creatures of the chilly Northern Pacific that we won't say evidently. yet we do be aware of that approximately three-fifths of an octopus’s neurons stay no longer within the mind yet within the fingers. The octopus’s disbursed intelligence would appear to indicate that the hands have “minds” in their personal. (Or, not less than, it's going to indicate that, if let's imagine with any sure bet what a “mind” is…. ) Wilson Menashi and Truman something is bound: Experiments have proven blindfolded octopus can use its palms and suckers to inform the adaptation among a number of items, prime scientists to think that the arm’s skill to understand via contact and by means of odor is as vital because the animal’s skill to understand by means of sight. The discovering isn’t that excellent, because the octopus mostly hunts at evening, yet how many of the neurons engage with one another continues to be a secret. The association of the octopus mind is unusual, not less than from our human viewpoint. The animal has a primary mind with approximately forty five million or so neurons. There are huge optic lobes with approximately one hundred twenty million to one hundred eighty million neurons. The hands include the remainder of the approximately 500 million neurons that contain the animal’s entire apprehensive procedure. many of the teams of neurons correspond very approximately to a couple of the teams that we people have in our brains, just like the hippocampus (involved in human studying and memory), for instance. a few don't. we don't but recognize which neurons are up to speed at anybody time, if, certainly, a approach of oversight exists in any respect. We do comprehend that the suckers of a large Pacific octopus are able to behaving with the type of fine-tuned dexterity with which our palms and thumbs behave. actually, large Pacific octopuses might in many ways be much more dexterous. Aquarium employees who take care of the octopuses have discovered that they've to enclose the animals’ tanks with a man-made fabric like Astroturf, one of many few fabrics the suckers can't grip. a number of scientists have taken the 1st steps in attempting to resolve the secret. Hebrew University’s Binyamin Hochner and his colleagues studied the activities and nerves of an octopus arm. They realized that the arm strikes and reaches out utilizing a stereotypical move that starts off close to the octopus’s head and physique and flows out in a type of hook that finally reaches its tip. A movement of strength ripples down the arm. “Despite the truth that an octopus arm has almost countless levels of freedom, arm routine are achieved in a stereotyped manner,” the authors wrote in a single paper. those stereotyped activities persevered even if scientists severed the neural connections among the animal’s major mind and the neural process in its arm.

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