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Over 30 members percentage their services at the chemical, organic, cultural, mental, and experiential dimensions of psilocybin mushrooms

• Describes in shiny element the consciousness-expanding reviews of psychoactive mushroom users

• offers firsthand debts of the debatable Harvard Psilocybin undertaking, together with the harmony legal and solid Friday studies

Teonanácatl used to be the identify given to the visionary mushrooms utilized in historic Mesoamerican shamanic ceremonies, mushrooms that include psilocybin, the psychoactive agent pointed out by way of Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann, the discoverer of LSD. The rediscovery of those visionary mushrooms via the Mazatec healer Maria Sabina and mycologist R. Gordon Wasson ignited a world mushroom tradition that encouraged the attention revolution of the 1960s.

This ebook describes in vibrant aspect the consciousness-expanding studies of psychoactive mushroom users--from artists to psychologists--and the therapeutic visionary notion they acquired. It offers firsthand money owed of reports played within the arguable Harvard Psilocybin venture, together with the harmony criminal learn and the great Friday research. It describes how using the psilocybe mushroom unfold from the mountains of Mexico into North the US, Asia, and Europe through seekers of consciousness-expanding studies. It additionally info how psilocybin has been used because the Nineteen Sixties in psychotherapy, prisoner rehabilitation, the enhancement of creativity, and the induction of mystical reviews and is being studied as a therapy for obsessive compulsive sickness (OCD).

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