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By Robin Baker

Published to acclaim and controversy a decade in the past, Sperm Wars is a progressive thesis approximately intercourse that became centuries-old organic assumptions on their head. Evolution has programmed males to overcome and monopolize girls whereas girls, with out ever realizing they're doing it, search the easiest genetic enter on supply from capability sexual companions. during this e-book, best-selling writer Robin Baker unearths those new proof of lifestyles: ten percentage of kids are usually not fathered via their "fathers;" under one percentage of a man's sperm is in a position to fertilizing whatever (the leisure is there to struggle off all different men's sperm); "smart" vaginal mucus encourages a few sperm yet blocks others; and a lady is way prone to conceive via an off-the-cuff fling than via intercourse together with her average companion. it really is no ask yourself that Sperm Wars is a vintage of renowned technology writing that would shock, entertain, or even shock.

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