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By Allan I. Basbaum, Akimichi Kaneko, Gordon G. Shepherd, Gerald Westheimer

1 imaginative and prescient I
2 imaginative and prescient II
3 Audition
4 Olfaction and Taste
5 Pain
6 Somatosensation

Cumulative Index

This significant new publishing occasion offers the 1st up to date, state-of-the-art, complete reference paintings combining volumes on all significant sensory modalities in a single set in 3 many years. lower than the tips of a distinctive group of foreign specialists, 6 volumes accumulated three hundred articles from the entire most sensible scientists laying out our present wisdom at the anatomy, body structure, and molecular biology of sensory organs. themes coated contain the belief, psychophysics, and better order processing of sensory details, in addition to problems and new diagnostic and remedy tools.

Written for a large viewers, this reference paintings offers scholars, students, doctors, and somebody drawn to neuroscience a complete assessment of the information accrued at the functionality of experience organs, sensory platforms, and the way the mind procedures sensory enter. best students from world wide contributed articles, making The Senses a very foreign portrait of sensory body structure. The set is the definitive reference on sensory neuroscience out there, and should give you the final access element into the assessment and unique literature in Sensory Neuroscience, and be a typical position for scholars and scientists to deepen their wisdom.

* the single present reference on hand protecting neurobiology, body structure, anatomy, and molecular biology of experience organs and the processing of sensory info within the brain
* Edited by way of specialists within the box, with contributions from the main lively researchers offering a dynamic and authoritative account of the topics
* comprises complete colour illustrations and superior presentation

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