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Beautiful, unique, and academic: the visible Dictionary of the Human physique is an fundamental kinfolk reference, and a useful gizmo to obtain vocabulary and become aware of the complexity of the human body.

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Middle corazón M Muscular organ divided into 4 chambers whose self reliant rhythmic contractions reason blood to movement in the course of the physique. indirect fissure cisura F oblicua Fissure keeping apart the lobes of the lung. left inferior lobe lóbulo M inferior izquierdo reduce a part of the left lung, separated from the very best lobe by means of an indirect fissure. pleura pleura F Elastic membrane surrounding every one lung and composed of 2 layers bounding the pleural hollow space. laryngopharynx laringofaringe F decrease a part of the pharynx connecting with the larynx and esophagus. visible definitions lungs top breathing tract visible of the Human physique 1,500 phrases 250 hugely life like illustrations of the Human physique English S PA NISH orbicular muscle of mouth M F músculo  orbicular de los angeles boca  Unpaired muscle having bundles connecting the corners of the lips, permitting the mouth to open and shut specifically. hyoid bone hueso M hioides Bone helping the larynx and serving as an insertion for varied muscle groups of the tongue, pharynx and larynx. 10 104 subject matters mobilephone and Tissues Lymphatic process Morphology Digestive procedure Skeleton breathing approach muscle tissue Urinary method Joints Reproductive method apprehensive procedure experience Organs Cardiovascular method Endocrine approach All pictures and texts were tested by means of a systematic committee made of 300 medical specialists and collage professors. better zygomatic muscle M músculo  cigomático mayor Paired muscle connecting the zygomatic bone to the perspective of the mouth; it assists in smiling.

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